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Selasa, 8 Februari 2011

10 signs your falling in LOVE
01 .You will read her/his text over and over again .
02. You will walk really slow while you with her/him .
03. While thinking about her/him , you wont stop smiling .
04. While you talking to her/him , it's like you're in your own world .
05. While you looking at her/him , you can't see other people around you .
06. You will start listening to love songs
07. You will get high just by their smell .
08. You will realize that you always smiling to yourself when they cross your mind .
09. You willing to do anything for them .
10. While reading this , there was one person in your mind the whole time :)

6 ulasan:

  1. i have nothin on my mind xcept a good damn strategy to sleep..
    :) kau ade ka?

  2. hahah.
    mksdnye. u r not in love. :)
    same goes to me.
    kalo zizie lain lah.

  3. the only pers0n on my mind was...
    tp die jrg gle txt ak s0 im n0t falling in love la kn?

  4. it's up to u dear.
    sape yg ade dlm mind ko??
    tak story kat ak pon. :(

  5. ntah la ak pn tga confuse, ak tk rse ak ske die
    v r frens je .
    thts why ak x story pape ..