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Khamis, 10 Disember 2009

Try and Learn

i dun know how i can still stay there..
until now i can't figure out how..
but now i'm proud of myself and i think my family also feel the same way!
i hate that place so damn much at the beginning.
i dun know how many galen of tears i drop it from my eyes everyday at that place..
" adik nak balik! adik tak nak duduk sini! hati adik bukan kat sini tapi kat rumah!"i scream to my parents when we were on the phone.. i miss them.. i miss home.. i miss my old school.. i miss all my friends.. espeacially my two best friends.. we always do fun n crazy stuff together..
i can't even concentrate in my study.. all my heart and soul is there, at my home..
at some moment! i just give up but then n of my friend at my old school give me an advise;
you can't be selfish
you have to push yourself more
don't only follow your heart
you have to sacrifice now so that you wont regret later
this is for your own good
this is about your future
i know its not easy, but
you have to keep trying and moving on
everyone in this world are born to chase our dream
we just do in seperate way
be strong girl!!
i know you can do it
i have faith on you.
That was her advise.. so i try my best to stay, learn to love the new place although it is very different from my world before this..
second by second, minute by minute, day by day, i feel like my heart and soul can accept the new place.