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Ahad, 1 Mei 2011

suddenly, i adore her.

who? i'm sure all of u know the one n only YUNA.bru terase minat die like a second ago n terus post kat blog. rse kagum dgn die. act sambil post ni. sambil tenok yuna inspired kat youtube, episode yg sy dah termiss, hehe. she's inspired me to chase for your own dream! :) bring malaysia ke mate dunia. cehhh. over ko. hehe. but it's true. melihat seorang pemudi berjiwa besar seperti ini, membuatkan perasaan ku berbuak2 nak go adventure the world! yes, i do not know who is yuna in reality, i just concluded what i saw in yuna inspired. n it really amaze me. n i love her sense of fashion too. :) love you yuna just like i love jb. haha. keep it real.

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