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Khamis, 3 Mac 2011

Sorry, Dude!

Tersebutlah kisahhhhhh,pada suatu ketikaaaa (bygkan sy bersyair. heheh)
Begini ceritanye, there's one when that i haven't seen for a long time,
tah tbe2 ditakdirkan berjumpe,
pastu jmpe lgg. n then die mintak my phone no,
without any thinking, sy pon bg lah, sbb member kott.
this guy confess that he likes me, (adoii ni aden tak gemar2 feeling lbih2 ni)
he wanted me to be his special gf, hmmm, but i reject him dgn sebudi bhse yg mgknn.
i dont think he really likes me,
i think he just confuse
n hati sy pon tak sprti memberi respond kpde persaan itu.
i'm really sorry.
one fine day, that guy ask me out this weekend.
hmm, man.
i never been on a date. never! seriouslyyy. no kidding!
loser, rite? hmm, u can call me what ever u want
LAME, LOSER. anythingg.
i dont care, bcos in this freakin world,
org disekeliling kite tak kan berhenti bercaka psl kite.
kite wat baik ke jhat ke, ade je tak kne.
one thing i know about myself is i'm suck in love.
u'r a great person. like i told u before, there's someone out there is waiting for u out there.
someone way better than me.
u're too good for me. n i don't think that u really like me.
at some point, sy rse anda nak sy sbb kn utk anda sendiri. hmm, :'(
sy meohon beribu kemaafann. i hope u cn respect my decision.
i really do.
i made something special for u. :)
one piece of art with meaningful word.

hmmmm, tapi sy tak phm dgn diri sy nie.
ble tenok member2 lain yg having a relationship, cemburu la sedih la.
but i'm happy for them. :)
tapi ble peluang ade dpn mte sy tak amikk.
entah la, hati ini tak seperti teruja.
hmmmm (nafas panjg)
somedayy. just wait.
Don't fell sad. remember Allah dah sediakn seseorg yg terbaik utk kite out there.
our PRINCE CHARMING that will take us someday with his HORSE n take us to the WONDERFULL,MAGNIFICANT,SPARKLE,LUXURY CASTLE and we will LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. :)
(stooop!, too fairytale izyan! u're living in reality!)
hmmm, oke2,
but the main point is
there's someone out there for us.
it just a matter of time.
dah sampai waktunye, u guys will meet. :)

4 ulasan:

  1. Setuju dengan izyangg! :)

  2. smpai kt blog ko post na!
    nway smgt laen nmpk skrg ni :)

    haha, gd f0r u man

  3. babe, im totally agree with u :)

    HE somewhere out there. we dont have to look fr him, he will come to us, someday. haha *bunyi agak jiwang =.=

  4. kn? mai. :)

    tun. hehehe :)
    smgt baru.

    sherry, yeahh.
    someday kite akn berjumpe dgn that price charming :)
    machoo pnye